Issue with syncing

Love the Trakt app. Use it with Cinema HD app.

Noticed a really annoying bug.

The “collection” on Trakt, which is supposed to indicate that you have the physical/hard copy of the media (I believe), is treated by cinema HD as their “favourite”, rather than the “watchlist”.

Issue is, most of the things I want to watch I add on the watchlist and not my collections list, which means very little media is in the cinema app.

Is there a way to mass edit all of my Trakt “watchlist” to also add it to my “collection” so I can view it under the “favourite” tab in the cinema app?

In relation to the cinema app, it states: “login rd ad trakt as tv mode” with yes/no option under the Trakt options in settings. Any idea what this does?

No, we don’t have a way to import your watchlist to the collection. Many apps unfortunately misuse the collection.