2 issues need help with!

Been using Watcht for a while but recently switched to VIP Trakt and loving it, except for the following 2 issues:

  1. On watcht i created a new watchlist called “not interested”. The list is on Trakt which is great, BUT I can’t seem to find how I can filter different areas to hide the “not interested” - e.g in trending now section. I see I can hide certain things such as “(un)listed (watchlist)” and “(un)listed (personal lists)”. I can’t seem to find an option to hide the specific watchlist I made. Is this possible?

  2. I use cinema HD app to watch some things. I’m logged into Trakt in the settings and it works great, except somethings I watch duplicates itself to more plays, sometimes up to 200+ plays. I then have to go into each individual show/film on Trakt, remove all plays, to then have to track the show again. That kind of defeats the purpose of why I want to use Trakt VIP.
    I understand there is a script and website where all duplicate plays can be removed (Remove duplicate episodes) but it takes a long time for it to load, and doesn’t always remove all duplicate plays properly (possibly due to timeout).
    My cinema HD settings related to Trakt are the following:
    Default player: cinema
    Mark watched time to save history: 1
    TrKt sync mode: merge local and Trakt data
    Automatic sync Trakt at startup: yes
    Login RD, AD, Trakt as TV mode: off (unsure what this setting does)
    Resolve premium links: turned off

Any suggestions as to why Trakt is doing this duplicate plays and how to stop it?

Any advice appreciated!

There isn’t a way to filter based on a single list, that’s an interesting idea though. I’ll have to think about how to do this from a UI perspective.

The other sounds like a major bug with the app you’re using and the app developer should fix the duplicate issue. We’ll be adding some self service tools to help clean up your watched history, but the root of the cause of the app sending those dupes. I recommend contacting them directly and ask them to fix the bug.

I’m not sure if this will help but here’s an example how watcht does it - see attached pics.

I’m not interested in the film “Luck”. Adding it to my custom watchlist changes the “starred” to “starred1” and filtering sections such as “what’s popular” suggestions, means all the films in the custom watchlist are hidden. This filtering option hides all custom watchlists which is unfortunate.

Maybe something like a “not interested” button to hide anything you don’t want to see, but then having them items shown in a custom list on the profile in case you want to remove it.

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