Kodi filled my history with 10/10 ratings. Way to restore?


I’m struggling with my Kodi and Emby Server configuration. In my search for answers i did a manual sync with the Kodi plugin. All of a sudden it say “1059 movie ratings will be updated on Trakt”, and I have no idea what ratings this message mean.

Anyway, now i have alot of new ratings on my movie history, and it’s filled with 10/10 ratings that i haven’t rated on either Trakt or in Kodi/Emby.

Is there a way to fix this?


Please open a support ticket including your username. Sometimes we’re able to edit user’s histories easily, but not always.


Thanks for the reply. How do you open a support ticket? The button “contact support” does nothing unfortunately.

Maybe you have a pop-up blocker enabled? It should bring up an entry form. I just tried and it did take a few seconds to load, so if you don’t mind trying again we’d appreciate it as there’re some required fields that help us provide better service.

Otherwise, email us at support@trakt.tv with as many details and links as possible.

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