List of all movies I have "Watched' and / or "Rated"

I would love to be able to auto create a list or be able to pull up a list that includes all movies / TV shows I have watched and / or rated. As well, I would like to share that list with a friend. For example, I was in a conversation the other day and someone was asking for movie recommendations. I told them I would send them a list. I had created one that I have been manually adding to but I realized that I have forgotten to add some movies that I have already seen.

Did you try filtering you history page to show only movies?
Or your ratings page to show only movies?

My example links; (Here you can even fade out the ones you rated or didn’t rate. With the eye icon. You can only hide the rated ones though. Not the unrated.)

Exactly, this is built in functionality. No need to use a personal list for this.

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