Filter by my recommendations

I love the new recommendations feature! But I’m having a hard time keeping track of what I have and haven’t recommended, without either hunting through my recommendations list, or going to a specific show’s/movie’s page to see if I recommended it.

Would love it if there could be a filter based on whether I have or haven’t recommended something - just like the filter for whether I have or haven’t rated something. Preferably it would be a filter for lists as a whole, but at a bare minimum I would want to see it on the ratings and history pages. That way I can filter things I’ve watched and/or rated to see at a glance what I have and haven’t recommended.

After thinking about this some more, I’m not sure if this is really a feature request as much as it is an observation of some missing functionality on a newly created feature. It seems like since Trakt added the Recommendations feature, we should be able to filter based on it, in the same way we can filter based on things we’ve rated/haven’t rated, watched/haven’t watched, which streaming service a movie/show is available on, etc.

@justin what do you think?

Yes, I agree it makes sense to add some filtering about it. We haven’t officially announced the Recommendations feature for this reason, we’re still tweaking things a bit. However, we wanted to start gather info about recommendations so we have a good baseline to use it in the Trakt personalized recommendations that you see on the bottom of the dashboard.

p.s. don’t forget to vote on your own idea :ballot_box_with_check:

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Sounds good! And thanks for the nudge to vote on my own idea - I didn’t realize I could do that! I just assumed since I created it that was already my “vote” - didn’t even think one way or the other about being able to vote on it myself. :laughing: Thanks!