A list in the Trakt iOS app that lists all of your watched movies/shows

I am not sure if I am just not seeing it somewhere, but is there a list in the Trakt app that shows you every movie/show you have tracked and/or ‘watched’, and then also allows you to sort by all of the attributes that the watchlist offers (my rating, runtime, rank, title, etc.)?

I have used the Watcht app in the past and this is a function you can do on the ratings page in that app, but I can’t find this functionality in the Trakt app. So if this is not available, is there a reason as to why? And is it something that could be implemented in the future?


There’s the history page. But no filters. You can check the ratings page. But if you don’t rate everything you watch, it won’t be complete.

Yeah the ratings page only lets you filter specific ratings. I kinda have a workaround right now, I’ve just added everything I’ve watched to my collection as well. The collection list has all of those filters.

The workaround I found was to export my history to a CSV file. You can then filter, sort, chart etc…