Loads of episodes marked as watched - How can I tell if an app did it?

So I have a few iOS apps installed as I am trying some of them out. I’ve logged into Trakt today to discover that yesterday, hundreds of watched episodes have been marked as being watched again, all at exactly the same time and date.

I’m trying to figure out what the heck has happened, and I’m wondering if it is a very new iOS app that has somehow done it (and yes, I approvef access to my account for the app).

Is there any way to actually find what triggered the ‘mark as watched’ event for each episode?

Open a ticket please as we’ll have to investigate your account.

It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow that I submitted a ticket. Is that a normal response time?

Your ticket has been responded to.

It doesn’t always take two weeks, but depending on what is all going on behind the scenes, sometimes support tickets become lower priority.

We appreciate your patience!

Thanks Kate…sorry it was the first time I had ever submitted a ticket, so I wasn’t sure of timeframes. And I got the answer I needed re what app caused the issue…which made me think of a possible enhancement.

If Trakt indicated online what app marked an episode or movie as watched/played…then there would be no need for the ticket. Something like…

Aug 25, 2021 10:01 PM via Infuse

Just a thought? Oh and Infuse wasn’t the issue…I hasten to add :slight_smile: