Lock filter settings

There is one filter in particular that I would like to have set always, but it never sticks and I have to constantly set it over and over again.

In my progress list, I never want to see completed shows. I don’t mind having the option to display completed items should I ever want to, but it’s maddening to have to set this every time I want to look through my progress.

I use privacy-centric browsers both at home and at work and maybe that’s the issue as to why it won’t save my settings, but I’d love to be able to make some settings “sticky”. That way it’s tied to my profile instead of a cookie or other technology that is volatile.

Maybe something like a long click to on filter options to lock the setting, and it would display a padlock instead of a check mark to indicate its status.

Auto-hiding listened to episodes can now be hidden in the latest TraktCast BETA update. Go to Setting < Hide Listened Episodes By Default (Turn this on).

Hope this helps, I know you posted this 29 days ago, Just thought I’d mention.

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Thanks for the reply, but I can neither find this setting, and it doesn’t sound like it applies to my issue anyway. It does indeed sound like the type of setting I’m looking for, but I need it in my Progress list for TV Shows.

The fact that I need to set this filter nearly daily is incredibly frustrating. Hopefully they will implement what they are doing for Podcasts for TV Shows as well.


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Yes I didn’t realise you where talking about TV Shows, Hopefully they do add this to the normal Trakt app for TV Shows as it would be a helpful feature, like it is for Podcasts.