Logging No Longer Working On Website

Every time I try to log a movie or show the website kicks me back to my dashboard, displaying the message “You are already signed in”. This also occurs whenever I try to use advanced filtering or any other VIP features. This problem appears to only occur on the website, as the app still works fine.

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I have the same problem. I can’t do any action with my lists. We will have to wait for a fix.

Same issue for me, started July 17, 2024
I use a Chromebook. Deletion of all cookies does not help.

I tried doing those actions on my end and everything is working as it should, at least for me. Because of that, I thought this was a temporary issue, but if this is still happening, the team will look into it.
This is still happening for you?

Yeah. The problem is still. I have a movie on my watchlist that I’ve seen. I want to add it to my history, but when I click on Add to watched history, it returns me to the main page with the message You are already signed in. Same problem on both Chrome and Firefox.

Ok, I’ll inform the team about this.

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Any errors in your browser console?

I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox. The problem is the same. I can’t add a movie to a list or add it to my watch history.

Can you open the browser console and see if there are any red error messages listed?

I’m sorry, I don’t really understand. Like this? Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Yes that is perfect thank you. I will get a fix in a few hours.

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This should be fixed. If not, please sign out of the website and then sign back in.

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Works now. Thanks for the quick fix Justin.

Awesome it’s fixed thanks!