Looking for Horror Fans to Follow

I’m new-ish to Trakt and love the service, I’m looking for some people who love horror and watch often that I can follow. It’s helpful to see what others are watching, want to watch, or recommend. I watch horror most of the time so I’d be offering similar benefits. Follow me!


Hi there, I watch a pretty wide variety of stuff but love horror. Not sure you need to follow me, but I keep some lists that could help you. They’re all automatically updated every time I watch something so they constantly change.

Watch Again - Horror - stuff I’ve watched that is good
Newer Horror - stuff I haven’t watched from the past 10 years that is recommended
Older Horror - stuff from over 10 years ago
Foreign Horror - non-English-language

Hi there Megan. I am a lifelong horror fan. I love all kinds of weird messed up cinema but horror being my main one.
There’s a ton of horror fans on Trakt, and I seriously think this service is good for people like us who like niche cinema!

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Would love to follow some horror fans