Missing show in Calendar

I noticed that Beacon 23 doesn’t show up on my calendar. I confirmed that it’s not hidden.
Seems like the same issue that was reported for a different show here: https://forums.trakt.tv/t/nova-doesnt-show-up-in-my-calendar/5515/5

Just to confirm, it also doesn’t show up on the dashboard calendar?

I only noticed this yesterday. Since Beacon 23 has finished airing for this season, it won’t show up on the dashboard calendar. Is there a way to make it show items in the past?

No, so we can’t know that now. Thanks.
Do you have any filters on the calendar page?

No. It doesn’t show up with this url:

The URL doesn’t change for this one. I have my filters on using that link:

You don’t have any of those activated?

I see. I have fade selected for watched & collected, so they still show on the calendar.

Are the episodes of Beacon 23 there now?

Unfortunately, they are not.

Try to reset your cache at: Advanced Settings - Trakt

And also, if you have the app, see if the show shows up in the calendar there.

I reset both that and the progress caches for good measure, but unfortunately, still no joy.
I don’t use the app, so can’t check there.

Can you give us some screenshots of the page you are seeing?
That might give us a clue on why that is happening and how to reproduce the issue.

Sure. Here you go:

Can you please change the start day on your calendar to saturday or monday? (Just so we can see if that changes anything). If you do, please take a screenshot that shows May 25 and May 26.
And also, double check if your time zone is correct, please.

That worked. I verified the timezone was/is correct. Changing the start day to Monday makes the show appear. Changing it back to Sunday makes it disappear again. So weird. Why is that?

There was an update on the website to potentially fix this issue. Please, test if the show shows up right now.

yes! it works now.
i’m curious – what was the fix?

It’s related to US airing shows and the various time zones across the US. Broadcast television typically airs three hours later on the West Coast, for example. The bug was related to some of those times zone conversions.

That’s why it showed up when the DOW was adjusted to Monday. With the bug I guess it fell into a black hole.