More metadata options for Collections

I posted this on the other Feature Requests section, but figured I would post it here as well.

Right now, there’s tons of great metadata options for collections, but I think a few more options could be useful.

For media types, there are times where you can buy VOD movies on your TV/DVR/Cable box, so the source is your television. None of the existing media types really match this. Maybe something like PVR or Television could be added?

For audio, I was surprised by how robust the codec options already were. It would be nice if they could be expanded slightly since I do have a few TrueHD Atmos tracks as well as a few Dolby Digital Plus Atmos tracks. Right now, there’s only options for TrueHD, DD+, or Atmos since the Atmos is not bifurcated among the two audio cores. I guess the existing option would have to be mapped to TrueHD Atmos to not break existing integrations/collections, but introduce a new option for DD+ Atmos. Similarly, there’s an option for 6.1 channels, but no way to specify DTS-ES as an audio format (which corresponds to 6.1), though there is DTS and DTS-HRA which are similar but not the same. Finally, OGG is an excellent option which I am surprised to see you support, but could we bifurcate between Vorbis OGG and Opus OGG? The existing option could be mapped to Vorbis OGG. Lastly, give another option alongside MP3 for MP2 for very very old items.

I realize these are small details, but just trying to match my collection as accurately as possible. Since Trakt is already giving such nuanced options, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a few more.

We have Digital as a kind of catch all if no other format fits, does that work for you?

Good call, I’ll map the existing one to TrueHD Atmos and add a new Dolby Digital+ Atmos. The website will be updated by us, but any 3rd party apps will need to adjust the naming on their side since we can’t change the actual value stored.

I think another member brought this up before and if I recall, I found that DTS-ES is the same as DTS-HD MA. At least I think that is why we never added it.

Will do that too.

Sure why not :slight_smile:

Some of these changes will go live next week.

Thanks for your response!

I’ve been currently mapping it to Digital, but I think it’s not entirely accurate as these are not from a streaming platform which are typically high quality and available on the cloud. If another option cannot be added, that is okay, but in terms of quality, I think they make more sense as VHS/DVD than Digital (which I will change in my own mappings).

Thank you! I can make the change on the applications that I use.

DTS-ES is actually lossy compared to the lossless DTS-HD MA. I’m not entirely sure if DTS-HR is more accurate, but I’ve been mapping it to plain DTS because from what I understood, it is just a lossy form of DTS that has 6.1 channels vs the traditional 5.1.

These are just distinctions I’ve found from tools like MediaInfo, but I admit I am not a A/V specialist. I will defer to your judgement on what makes sense, but thanks for considering it

Oh yeah, I think that was it. DTS-ES really just means DTS in 6.1, it’s not really a different codec.

The updates are now live. I didn’t add any new formats since I’ll need to think about that one more. For now I think we’ll keep Digital since I’m not sure how detailed or where to stop if we add specific digital or TV based platforms.

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Thanks so much! For format, just to be clear, I was thinking just a generic TV option (or PVR), nothing for a specific platform. However, up to you, the changes pushed already are amazing.

Ah ok, yeah let me think about the format option more.

Are these live on the API by the way? I noticed the docs were updated with the new values to send, but when I tried sending them, the items just got mapped to blanks. They work on the webpage though.

Also worth noting that the overlay on collections that displays the metadata is coming up blank. There’s a line, but the actual metadata is not displaying (though it is there under the Collected submenu).

The API will be updated sometime today.

Can you post some screenshots of the overlay info not working? It seems to work for me, but maybe there is some specific metadata combo that isn’t working properly and displaying the logos. You might also try resetting the browser cache since there were new logos added in a shared resource.

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I figured out the overlay. It doesn’t seem to work if you add any filters (i.e. movies only or a specific audio codec). I don’t remember if that is how it used to behave earlier.


Without Collection filter

With Collection filter

That appears to be a bug that existed before this update. It should work now on the website and I am updating the API right now so that should be available very soon.

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Both the bug and the API seem to be fixed now, everything is working great! Thanks again

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