Now seeing unplayed shows


I fully added some shows as 100% some times ago

When I removed all plays, because it’s not revelant to manage the anymore, I still see them in up next… (ie Ninja Warrior, Pawn Stars…)
Before, like weeks ago, it was globally “deleted”, and I wouldn’t see them

The trick to hide them from progress shouldn’t be the solution, as it should be show nowhere


Please, try to reset your browser data at:
Advanced Settings - Trakt

That might be a cache issue.

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Same issue here. Started noticing the problem a few days ago. I also see the shows in “progress”. They have 0 views and are not on any list or collection. Browser data reset make no difference.

yup also seeing this same problem, seems to affect only the website, the app updates fine, seems to happen when removing all plays from previously watched episodes, the poster in up next reverts to episode 1 rather than disappearing completely like it used to…also tried clearing browser data numerous times.

Update: I’m not sure if it’s because someone has fixed it, or there was just a major delay in the website updating since I made my initial post, but mine have all seem to have disappeared now, thanks very much if someone has indeed fixed it.

Can confirm. Fixed :+1: