Number of shows different than number of shows & movies

On my calendar, the number of shows remaining for this month is 4 greater than the number of shows & movies remaining. This isn’t really a big deal so I just click on “Shows” to see how many episodes are remaining. I compared both calendars and my last 4 episodes of the month appear on “Shows” but not “Shows & Movies” This strikes me as very strange because if something appears on “Shows” it should obviously appear on “Shows & Movies”

Is it the specials for that show?

No. Just regular episodes. All previous episodes of the same shows appeared on my “Shows” calendar.

I just checked my Calendar page… Shows & Movies omits episodes for today if the current time is past that show’s airtime. Shows does not make this omission. Can you confirm if that’s what’s happening to you?

No, that’s not what’s happening to me. My calendar still shows episodes from a few days ago that I haven’t watched yet. It’s 4 episodes from April 30 that don’t show up.

Can you take a screenshot of both pages with April 30th?

Are you sure none of the affected shows are hidden in Calendar view in any way?

The only other idea I have is that those shows are all in the evening and your time zone in comparison to Trakt’s servers may be pushing them over one day on one calendar but not the other.

They are not hidden. All of the past and future episodes appear on both calendars so it seems like some kind of glitch. Like I said, it’s not really a big problem. Just strange.

I know you said that you have not hidden anything, but you do have a filter active…
Could that be it?

The only filter I have is to hide watched episodes.

Can you check if they appear on Monday. In the shows and movies overview? That’d be may.

They do not appear in May.
I also noticed that the last episode on my calendar of “shows” for May 31 does not appear on “shows and movies” for May 31.