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Is there a quick way to remove older views of something and just leave the most recent? I’ve multiple episodes showing upwards of ten views each and it’s taking an absolute age to remove all older plays, but my OCD is kicking in hard so I’ve been persevering :joy:. Plus, there are some episodes which are absolutely refusing to delete views, just sitting with the spinning arrow until, I assume, it times out, making the job twice as hard. Over an hour and I’ve only managed about 5/6 of 1000+ episodes! Any ideas?

I think your best bet is to sent an email to to ask if they can remove duplicate plays.

Maybe an application went rogue?

I’m actually looking into the same thing just now. For me, all my tries to remove a play just ends in spinning then it times out. But only for old items, not if I watch something new and then remove that. Very weird. I just created a support ticket for this.

The only thing I can think of is that I recently ran a script to remove all items in my watchlist. Maybe that screwed something up.

I’ve stuff from maybe 5 years ago that look to have had 8+ watches and can remove a few but not all vies; plus new things being added via Kodi, 50% of them are showing twice in history. SeriesGuide is no longer sending the commands to mark watched or unwatched, Wako does it maybe every 5 shows. Even manually marking watched on the website doesn’t always work, never mind unwatching! I can’t unwatch whole seasons, or all views of an episode in one go any more on the site - like you it just spins.
My OCD means I will ONLY watch shows in alphabetical order, so I keep trying to “bump” shows up the progress were I’m caught up but there are unaired episodes, but it’s frustratingly not easy to do any more :confused:

Even the Trakt website is mucking it up by looking like its added or removed a view but when you let the page cache and then refresh it that new data isn’t there.
You’re right, an email is probably the best bet so I’ll send one off in the morning, thanks

While this won’t help with the problem one of my “maintenance” checks is to make sure that on my History the “Items” and “Plays” numbers are the same. If not I then sort by Number of Plays and remove duplicates.

It’s an on going thing as there always seems to be multiple plays of some episode or other appearing.

Just checked now and I have 54,707 Items and 54,711 Plays
Clicked on Episodes and then on Most Plays.
I have found 4 plays :open_mouth: of one episode and 2 plays of another.
Time for that maintenance.

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