Plex Scrobble Webhook Questions

I have some questions about the Plex webhook before I install it:

  1. If I add the webhook, will it add my Plex watched history to Trakt? I’d prefer it only on an ongoing basis so I don’t get years of duplicate scrobblings on Trakt.

  2. If I install the webhook, is there any way to match something as Watched on Plex but not have it scrobble on an individual basis? Or would I have to delete the scrobble each time I mark something as Watched? (Sometimes I add things that I have already seen or will watch on another service and don’t want it hanging out as Unwatched on Plex in the meantime).

Any insight on these questions would be awesome! Thanks!

In my experience, it will only log stuff as you actually watch it in Plex, so it won’t import your history or log when you mark stuff as watched, only when you actually play the ending of the movie/show through Plex.

That’s super helpful! Thanks :smiley: Do you know if there’s a way to mark something as Watched in Plex (so it’s not sitting in my Unwatched queue) but not have it automatically scrobble? Or would I just have to manually delete those scrobbles each time?

It won’t scrobble unless you actually play it through Plex, just marking something as watched won’t prompt it to scrobble.

That’s fantastic! :smiley: Thanks so much for answering my questions. I appreciate it :smiley:

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