Plex Scrobbler takes plays from *all* users?

Hi there - having a little issue with the plex scrobbler. I’ve followed the directions and added the webhook into my plex server, and it appears to be syncing collection info and plays with Trakt. The problem is, it’s not just scrobbling plays from me, it’s scrobbling plays from any user that plays anything from my server. As a result, i’m getting histories of plays of shows i’ve never watched, multiple plays for stuff i’ve only watched once, etc. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

I don’t have a Plex Pass so I don’t use the new webhook feature, but I used the plugin when it was still available. For the plugin you could add which users you would want to scrobble.

Guess that should be possible for the webhook too? (Otherwise Plex just did a bad thing with disabling plug-ins in favor of webhooks :frowning:)

If you can, i can’t figure out where you can specify a single user :slight_smile: . On the plex side it’s SUPER sparse in terms of webhooks. It’s literally just “enter the URL here” and that’s it. I thought maybe there would be something on the Trakt side that could filter it on the way in, but doesn’t look there’s anything there either.

It should only scrobble for the user with the webhook added. Are you running another Plex plugins or scripts that might be scrobbling for the other users?

Shouldn’t be but i’ll double-check. Maybe i have some ancient sideloaded plugin or something that’s still buried in there somewhere!

What was the result of this check. I’m having the same issue.

As far as I can tell from the documentation on Plex it is not clear if the events are send for all the server or just for the account that has them configured.

The XML contains the user that it is generating it (as per documentation) but not sure if it exists for all.

It ended up being the “ancient sideloaded plug-in”. I think I had some old ass trakt plug-in buried in there somewhere…I ended up having to rebuild the server for other reasons and as soon as I did the behavior went back to normal.