Webhooks Query

I currently use the now unsupported trakt.tv plugin to scrobble my watches. Been toying with getting a Plex Pass and wondered if I did and started using the webhooks method, would I be able to select which libraries scrobbled and which didn’t? Don’t want all my better half’s stuff scrobbling.


The webhook is tied to the Plex user. If she has her own Plex login then it shouldn’t scrobble any of those plays.

You can try GitHub - Taxel/PlexTraktSync: A python script that syncs the movies, shows and ratings between trakt and Plex (without needing a PlexPass or Trakt VIP subscription), with is a two way sync and allows you to sync only selected libraries.

What about the profiles created within the user account? Is it possible to filter based on those profiles?

Does the plex scobbler still not support the removal of items does anyone know?

I don’t believe so, it requires a full Plex account where the web hook can be added.

No, Plex doesn’t send a web hook for removals. This article lists all the webhooks Plex sends.