Plex Scrobbler Question - Can you pick which clients are scrobbled?

I share my plex account with my wife but would prefer to only scrobble the shows that I am watching. Is there any way with webhooks to choose which plays to scrobble based on the client that is playing them?

It will only scrobble from the Plex account you add the webhook on. So, if she watches in Plex with a different Plex account, it shouldn’t send her watches.

Just like all other Plex servers the main Plex user is the admin account. I dont want my family to mess around with settings so I have a PIN on it and we dont use it in my home for watching stuff. I have a managed user with no PIN that everyone uses called Watch which has access to all my libraries but no access to edit settings. Managed users are very basic with no special profile details.

The problem is nothing played by this Watch account is scrobbled. When I look at the console I see the data is sent to Trakt but an error is returned…

Webhook: Error delivering payload to 424

So the data is being sent but is being rejected. If I swap over to the main admin user and play something I see it show on the Trakt dashboard.
Can this please be updated to allow scrobbling from all users?

@justin Any update on being able to scrobble managed users? I only use my admin account for management but have a managed user called Watch with no pin that we all use. This is the account I would like to scrobble,

I am in the same situation as @brimur.
Is there anything I can do to make this work?


@justin @brimur @Shryu

I’ve been scrobbling with a 3rd party app bust just recently bought VIP to try and do things directly with the webhook and have discovered that it only wants to scrobble with the main account.

Was anything ever figured out for this? Or do I need to cancel VIP and stick with the 3rd party script running on a cron job?

Just following up since you can specify managed users now.