Progress Page wrong

I have my progress page ordered by Time Left, Descending. So that my shortest time left is first.

Unfortunatley when I have to refresh the data on certain shows, usually “Neighbours”, “Home and Away”, and “Eastenders”, they are being added to the end of the list, instead of the start.

I have attached an image below. Neighbours only has 22 minutes remaining but is at the end of my list.

Check if Neighbours is correct now.
I’ve merged a few hidden duplicates that were messing with it’s data.

I’ve also checked for hidden duplicates on the other two you mentioned.

No they are still at the bottom!

Trakt sorting has everyting backwards. Desc is acutally Asc and asc is actually desc. give that a try.

All the other shows are correct except for the three that I have to regularly use “Refresh Data” on. I did try to switch the desc/asc but no luck.

There is a bug related to hidden seasons and the team is working on a fix.

This bug is now fixed. Neighbors is higher on the list now. There seems to be a bug with the actual runtime (perhaps a metadata issue), but the main issue is now fixed since it correctly considers the hidden seasons.

Good catch, I reversed the default for time left and episodes left to make more sense. The asc/desc is more based on what’s the most useful for the selected sort.

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