Re-watching a series

I’m not sure about you, but I have a tendency to watch series more than once. Weeds, Dexter, various Star Treks… I use Kodi with the Trakt plugin to keep track of what I watch, which works great. However, the plugin and Trakt only allow me to watch the series once before I need to remove all of the episodes that I watch from Trakt.

What I propose is for Trakt to keep track of how many times I watch an entire series and then allow me to reset the count at the episode level. This would allow me to maintain my total watch count and keep track of where I am in the series at the same time.


On your progress page, click the rewind arrows near the show’s title. That allows you to reset the progress and have it calculate from that point forward. Your actual plays aren’t affected or removed.

Hi Justin,

Sorry, I’m not seeing that. I have looked at the season level and at the episode level. Is it something that has to be enabled or something?

The icon is right next to the tv show title, on your progress page.

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Ah, on the progress tab. I don’t believe I have ever actually clicked on that before. I was looking for something in the series page. Thank you.

So I have found with numerous attempts that clicking this button does absolutely nothing. The only reliable way I have found is to clear all of the previous watches and the resync my Kodi installations.

The reset progress affects the website, I don’t think the Kodi addon makes use of that info. It is available for apps to use via the Trakt API though.