Can I restart watching a show on Trakt?

I’m thinking about rewatching a show. was wondering if you could restart it but keep the original times first watched it? l’d like to be able to follow where am again but not lose this old information.

I have VIP and think remember this being a perk but can’t find it.

Yes you can go to your progress page and find the show and hit the reset progress button! All the watch history will remain but it’ll show up in your up next and progress as if unwatched with a note that you started rewatching it on date xx.


Hi lifeiscrazy,

Where is this reset button, I can only see remove from history?

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It’s the small rewind icon on your up next to watch at the dashboard/homepage. It’s to the left of the title.

And the same on the progress page. Though the title and so the icon :rewind: are bigger there.


Thank you very much, cheers!

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Thanks for the help. I hope Trakt can make it more obvious and easier to work this out in the future.

You definitely solved it for me and it looks like others too. :+1:t2:

Please see this topic, which has some ideas about the reset progress. Main thing is I don’t want it to be confusing to reset from the show page and indicate you’re in a rewatching state. Open to feedback please.

I did find this rewind icon (never seen it before :wink: )

Now I’m still confused because in the progress page and the dashboard/homepage I can only see shows I’ve been watching now and never have seen before. I like to rewatch a show that I have seen before but it’s doesn’t show up in my progress page because I’ve seen it all some time ago.

Does anyone have any idea how to get my old show back in the progress page without losing the old information? Or do I make a thinking error?

You can search within the progress page! There’s a :mag: icon!

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Thanks! I found it! This is a great addition on Trakt.

The dashboard up next only displays shows with episodes left to watch, 100% watch are filtered out. If you click the progress link, it also hides the 100% watched. However, you can turn off that filter on the progress page by clicking the eye icon. It sounds like this is what you were seeing?

Thank you so much. I have after so many years much to discover. This is great!