Remove full name from forum profile

Hi, I recently noticed my full name is shown here in the forums. I think when creating my account my browser pre-filled the info without me noticing. I cannot seem to remove my name, and just use my nick. Over on the regular trakt website I am able to, but here in the forums it looks like it should be an option but there’s no edit button.

I think it pulls that info from the main site. Maybe update it there then give it a little time? :man_shrugging:

Sorry should have mentioned I have, it’s been about two days since I made the change.

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Ah I see. @justin any thoughts?

Have you tried logging out from the forums then back in again?

On another forum i use which has the same software, it only picks up changes like this after logging in again


Yes, this, try going to the forums on a incognito tab!

As someone who works in IT, signing out and then back in again should have been the first thing I tried. Rookie mistake.

Thank you everyone for your time.


Thanks for this thread, I’ve been trying to figure out why my email address was not updating here in the forum for the last several weeks.

Log out, log in, fixed!