Removing shows fails to remove them

We got a notification that we essentially watched TV 24 hours a day for 428 days (out of 365) just in Trakt.TV. This is simply not possible, as we tend to watch for 3-4 hours per day 4-5 days per week.

What is happening is that we decide we aren’t liking a show, so we take it out of our Collection and/or Watchlist (and I still fail to see the difference between the two). And then when we go to our Progress or Episodes lists, the show is still there, and the only way to remove it is to mark it as Watched In Trakt. Which results in you adding that time to our watch time.

Isn’t there some way you can make deleted shows go away from all lists? This is a flaw in your system, and it is rather upsetting, as it takes a fair bit of time in Kodi to mark all these unwatched shows as Watched.

As far as I know you can hide a show from your progress, every time I do this I don’t see this show in there anymore, or on my calendar. But the plays I watched still count.

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I do not see “hide” as an option anywhere. But I’m serious, we delete shows from our Watchlist and Collection groups and the shows still show up. I’m only complaining now because this is the first year I paid for VIP (I’ve been planning to for so long…) and thought that might get me better tools to deal with this. I will also state that I’m doing virtually everything through my Kodi plugin.

You can see that option in your progress list, on your dashboard and on the episodes on calendar. Just look for the crossed circle as in the image in my other post.
The watchlist is a list you create for things you want to watch, are watching or have watched. Anything can be added or removed from them.
There are many types of lists and most of mine are for the things I want to watch, for example:,asc

This is a list of things I want to watch, once I finish something I delete it from the list (and add to the other list I have for completed shows). Removing those shows won’t change my stats because the list only organizes what I watch. Once I mark something as watched it counts on my history, not on the list itself.

Now this one is only to organize the movies, so if I want to watch them it is easier to find in order.

What I mean is that you can have lists of anything, it is just a way to organize what you are watching, have watched and plan to watch.

Now your progress is what really matters in terms of yours stats. Things only show there if you have watched or if they are in one of your lists and you are filtering by that list. If you hide a show there, it will no longer appear in your dashboard, and it will still count the plays you had watched before hiding it (that way you don’t lose stats, since you did watch those episodes)
You can also unhide things at anytime in your settings.