Rewatch button doesn't work


I hit the rewatch button on Futurama but the violet history button doesn’t look like the one from the docs: Rewatching TV Shows | Trakt Blog

Although Futurama is listed as rewatching on the left side, the button on the right side still shows “82% watched” instead of “0% rewatched”

I wanted to upload a screenshot but it shows always “an error occured” :frowning:

What do I wrong?

When it asked you this:
What did you choose?

Testing this, here is what i looks like for me:

Also, try to reset your cache at: Settings > Advanced > Reset Browser Data

I click “Right now”. I clicked “Clear site data” in the developer tools but doesn’t help. Also the same problem in the android app.

Try to remove it from your rewatch and add it again. You can do that on your Settings > Hidden Items > Rewatching

Doesn’t work either. I tried another show and there is the same problem.