Show does not show in up next section

There is a show that does not show in the Up Next Section. It shows in the calendar and I’ve made sure that the show is not hidden.

Did it show up later? Or had the new episode just aired?

This is happening a lot for me. I have a thread over in the iOS beta thread going. I’m not sure if everyone or anyone who has access to this has access to the iOS beta thread.

But please, if ppl see this issue, keep beinging them up because the trakt dev team needs more ppl to show examples so they can tweak and figure out the issue.

So far, I think I’ve been the most vocal about it as I am the type of watcher that is caught up with most of my shows. So this seems to be happening to some or many shows that you’re caught up on and there’s a new episode airing.


Just to add to this more open discussion, here are some images of my experience from today. My up next was empty this morning, as I have caught up with all my shows and everything has been marked as watched.

Shows due for today are Sweet Tooth, and Evil, which were due at 7.00pm my time, as you can see from the screenshot of my android app taken at 7.04pm both shows have populated correctly, and everything there is fine.

I have taken a screenshot of the trakt website at exactly the same time, and roughly every hour, across a four hour period, and these shows have still not populated on the website.

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I changed the way up next works on the website so it should use more real time data. Let me know if you see the website up next work better now.

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So as a semi conclusion to yesterday, I checked one last time before going to bed at 1.00am the following morning, and they still hadn’t populated, checked just now at 8.11am and they are finally here, whether that happened before or after you made the change I’m unsure. None the less, will monitor it over the next few days and let you know, thanks for the potential fix Justin


Most likely related to the update I pushed a few minutes before you posted this. Please keep me posted.


@zackotronic @LoganWolverineX apologies for hijacking the thread, just wanted to get as much info out there as I could.

No apologies needed. The more info for the trakt team the merrier. It’s been hard to get enough info for them to be able to trouble shoot.

Hope the latest fix Justin rolled out helps. But will keep an eye out.

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Hey Justin, so far eveything is working really well, shows are coming in to my upnext within a few minutes of scheduled air time, thanks so much for the fix, only thing that seems to be happening now (which historically never happened for me) is that it’s bringing in shows that have already been marked as watched.

These are shows that are scheduled to air on the day, but have been watched prior to the airdate, typically shows where tmdb have them scheduled using the “free to air” airdates. So like AMC+ airs before AMC, Paramount+ Airs before Paramount, BBC iPlayer before BBC.

Whilst this may be the correct way for tmdb to list them, it means they are turning up in the upnext at the schedule air time, even though marked as watched, I’m not sure there is anything you can do about it with the new caching method, but historically this never happened, here’s an example below


So what i’ve had to do is unmark them as watched, then redo them, then they are removed from the upnext. Side note, this only happens on the website, the android app is not bringing in these items that have already been marked as watched.

Further update, they seem to go away after an additional 2 hours, so I’m guessing this must be a result of behind the scenes caching