Upcoming Episodes Not Showing in Up Next To Watch

I have a number of shows that I am currently watching that have episodes showing in the shows list but those episodes do not show up in the “Up Next To Watch” list on my Dashboard.
Should these episodes show up or is there a limit to how far forward the up next section looks?

One example is the show 911 that in the show has S6E6 showing on 25 October, 3 days time (9-1-1 - Trakt) but it does not show in “up next” section on my dashboard (Track. Discover. Share. - Trakt)

Another example is the show Alaska Daily that in the show has S1E4 showing on 28 October, 6 days time (Alaska Daily - Trakt) but it does not show in “up next” section on my dashboard (Track. Discover. Share. - Trakt)

I’m pretty sure that section only displays episodes that have been released.

Unless you’re referring to the ‘Upcoming Schedule’ section below that as they should be showing up there. Mine goes up to October 31.

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Yes, @Sea-n is correct. Up next only displays episodes they have aired.

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Is there any chance that this can be changed to reflect the fact another episode is due rather than aired?

I stream nearly all of my TV Shows and quite often these are on before they are aired in my country and therefore this section is no good for me as I have to go hunting for the episode in the calendar and not knowing when it airs is a needle in a haystack.

I’ll be honest and say if this can’t be amended then the app is no use to me, as much as I would love to use it being a direct Trakt item.
Series Guide is a much easier to app to use as it list the next upcoming episode (if it is on TMDB).

I know it’s only my opinion and only one voice but feedback good or bad is handy.

Keep up the great work with the website.

Isn’t the progress section available in the app yet? That does show the next available episode.

In iOS I get there via the profile page.

Yes the progress section is available on the app.
The only problem with that is I have 20 pages of that and it is not practical to page through that just to find if a next episode is due, I thought that was what the up next section was supposed to be for.

I think it would be better if the episode is listed on Trakt then that episode should show up in “up next” because that is what it is, Up Next.

A prime example for you:
The Gangs of London has just aired the 1st and 2nd episodes on 20th October.
According to Trakt, that has all 8 episodes listed, the 2nd episode does not air until 27th October, and all the way through to episode 8 which is supposed to air on 1st December.

I have just watched all 8 episodes over the last 2 days but could not mark them off as watched through the up next section.
Instead I had to search for the show and mark them off one by one as I watched in the show.

It shouldn’t be that hard if there is a section that can do this.

Have you tried adjusting the sorting applied to the up next section? It sounds like “recently aired” might work the best for what you’re wanting.


@justin unfortunately that won’t work because many items are aired on line before on TV Stations.

For example:
I’ve just watched all 8 episodes of Gangs of London but only 2 episodes have been aired on TV channel and ep 8 is not due to air (on TV) until December.
So 6 episodes do not appear on up next.

I think it would be better that if the episode is listed on Trakt then that episode should show up in “up next” because that is what it is, Up Next, regardless of when it airs.

That would affect the up next really negatively since basically every active show has unaired future episodes. Air dates are from based on the original network, and supporting different release dates could get out of hand quite quickly.

“every active show has unaired future episodes”

But isn’t that the point, the next episode is the “up next” episode. It would only need to be the next episode of your unwatched next episodes, not all of them.
I’m not suggesting changing dates, only that you can see the next episode to be aired, whenever that date might be and you could have a setting of choice to show those in the next week, next two weeks, next month or All.

If not then you should really change the name of the section to “recently aired” because that is what it currently reflects, not up next :wink:

If up next would include unaired it’s a good thing there’s three available rows now because people watching currently airing/seasonals tv shows will be in a lot of pain. :joy: I use up next for the next available episode to watch. And calendar just below to look at what’s in store in the next few days and what I might’ve “missed” the last couple of days if in watching lots at the same time.

Right, but it would effectively break the progress calculation if we counted unaired episodes. The progress/up next only works since we use aired episodes only.

Not quite sure why you would need to change your progress calculator settings, leave that the same just show the next episode that is listed in Trakt.

But that is beyond my understanding how that might work so I will bow to your better knowledge @justin and thank you for explaining, I shall just have to carry on using the Series Guide app that is able to show the detail I have been asking for.

I shall carry on searching the app for bugs/fixes and comment.

Thanks for the discussion guys.

Yeah, the progress section does this already. The dashboard (website) or home tab (apps) doesn’t. I was probably unclear, but basically meant the dashboard needs to respect the 100% watched flag or sbows might never go away.