Show last viewing date

Hello ! :slight_smile:

I often try to know when I last saw a film (or a series episode). Rather than going to the history each time, would it be possible to add a tag at the top of the page with the label “Last viewing: [Date]” when at least one play is recorded?

Here’s an example to illustrate (inspired by the red tag with the date in the “Recently Watched” category):



Great idea I think, it’s something I often am looking for and it feels like a lot of steps getting to the history.

It would also be good to see this on a TV Show or Season, which would be the date for the latest watched episode.

One use case I would have for this is when viewing episodes in Up Next (in the iOS app) and I want to see how long it’s been since I watched the previous episode. Currently I would press the episode, go to previous episode, then go to history. Although, showing the watched date (or whatever is selected as the sort order) in the Up Next list would be even better for this.