Watched History request for "skiped" episodes while binge watching

Hello dudes.

For “watched history” for an entire series or season, I appreciate the option to click one time viewing, or to bulk-add the show for having watched in the past on its air date.

Would it be possible to add a “watched in sequence” option? For instance it knows I watched every other episode of The Office in this example, but for whatever reason I’m missing about 15 plays. Is there any way to have it just check the other plays of the same show and have it auto-fill in a logical day and time?

The Office

Not admin just a user but have you tried using Series Guide?

This links well with Trakt and there is an option in there when you look at a programme to select Watched All.
Or you can go by Season and select Watched All.

Just a thought.

This option sorta-kinda-maybe is there.
For example, I haven’t watched one episode of Canada’s Drag Race, and if you just click on the purple bar, not the clock+ thingy on the side, it’ll ask “Watch Remaining”, “Remove All” or “Nothing”.


If you then click Watch remaining and select Release Date, it’ll just add episode S01E08 in my case, on its release date. In you case it would watch the missing episode on their release dates.