Shows and movies released each day

Hi all. Does anyone know if there’s a way to use trakt to see everything released on each streaming platform each day?
I use just watch to do this at the moment but would be much easier if I could do this through trakt! All I want is to be able to each morning see what’s been released on Netflix, Amazon, Disney etc etc without having to go through each streaming app individually. I’m really surprised this isn’t something you see on all apps as I’m sure it would be popular!

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Can you post a link or screenshots of how Justwatch does this?

Not my thread but I would love to see this in Trakt so I decided to contribute.

This is how JustWatch does it. A separate section called “New”, where the latest added stuff is organised as a daily timeline and split between your preferred streaming platforms:

I think we have to give it to them: the way they implemented this feature is pretty cool!


Hello, maybe I am wrong but you can see coming stuff from Calendar tab, no ?

Yep but think that’s only for your watched series? So what I’m after is a simple list of everything I might not have even heard of being released each day so I can scroll and save the stuff that interests me to my watch list.
I think the closest you can do on trakt is looked at most watched with a search filter of 1 day

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Yes, correct I see only the coming shows from my watchlist.