Shows are not appearing on profile after checking in

Time Began: 9:15 PM ET

I can check into any show to watch on the site or any app (iOS, Android, SeriesGuide) but the show never shows up on my profile nor does it clear from my Dashboard in the Up Next section.

To not intentionally use a pun, the show just does track at all. To test it out I tried to check into another episode before the other was finished and got the usual red error message about waiting, so clearly the site knows I’m watching the show, but it’s just not showing up.

Looks like none of my friends shows are updating either as the last person’s watch time is listed as 9:06 PM ET.

Here is my profile not showing I’m watching the above episode.

Here is my dashboard not updating the progress. (Sorry I had to make three posts, but it won’t let me do three images at once since I’m new.)

This has been fixed now, please, try to clear you cache at: Advanced Settings - Trakt

And also, try marking something as watched (even if it is just to test it).
That should get it back to normal.