Support for alternative ordering of episodes - aka "Flexible Seasons"

On thetvdb there is support for multiple alternative ordering for shows. Go to any thetvdb show and it is listed last in the column to the right. I believe this is called “Flexible Seasons” on thetvdb.

For example “Firefly” has both a “Aired Order” and “DVD Order”. It was originally aired in wrong order and this was corrected on DVD version. Trakt currently shows Airing order only. As can seen in comment on that show people are confused.

Another example “Money Heist” has both a “Airing Order” and “Netflix” as ordering. The episodes was reorganized for netflix. Again this confuses users since Trakt only shows the original Spanish Airing order.

I suggest that Trakt allows you to see both airing orders either by treating it as two different shows or make option within a show page to choose airing order.

See here…

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Worth to mention that TMDb has that support too.

Just my two cents. Please no different shows. Rather selection for what ordering to display or something. Sometimes the search is already super cluttered with duplicates (or already deleted items on tmdb/tvdb) which I straight away report, that if that were the case you can’t differ dupe from alternative ordering anymore :’)

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We are actually saving the alternate orders from TMDB already for shows with TMDB as the primary data scraper. They aren’t used yet, but we’ll have the data for the future.


Please see here, new VIP beta feature just released.


It looks great, I do have some feedback…

When inside of a alternate season the link to TMDB should go to the episode group page in TMDB
Money Heist: Original Parts - Trakt
should go to…
Money Heist (TV Series 2017-2021) - Original Parts (Digital) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Perhaps the dropdown to choose order should be added to the all episode page/season page as well.

Also a way to choose what order is used for the progress page/up next would be awesome, especially in case a show was released incorrectly out of order.

This. Thank you Justin Nemeth for the new feature, but having this present in “progress page” and “up next to watch” is vital.

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I’m planning to look into that, but not sure it will be possible yet.


Very interesting feature! Is there a way we can scrobble to a specific order?

The media center should handle that part. I believe there is a way in Kodi (not sure about others) to specify the TMDB episode group you want to use. Ultimately the episode IDs (TMDB, IMDB, etc) are the same so it should scrobble to Trakt like normal.

I’ll have this updated later today.

Where would you expect this to go? Are you asking to add it to this page? Money Heist: All Episodes - Trakt

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Yes and for regular seasons as well, sort of like this…

I haven’t added the dropdown in any more places yet, I’m still thinking about that more. Don’t want it to be confusing in seemingly random places.

I do have some nice updates though:

I’m still not sure if it’s possible to adjust the dashboard up next and standard progress page. One big challenge is all the data caching and performance around this. Another challenge is 3rd party apps would need to use the alternate seasons, but we can’t really make that a requirement.