TheTVDB to TVDB Migration with Plex Scrobbler

I’m using the Plex Scrobbler with the Plex TV Series metadata agent. I’m running into an issue with episodes scrobbling automatically.

I’ve noticed for at least two shows, TMDB treats network changes as new TV series. As Trakt switches to using the TMBD as the primary source, this is causing episodes to not show up as scrobbled. For example:

Whose Line (1998): Whose Line is it Anyway? - Trakt
Whose Line (2013): Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Trakt

Great British Bake Off (2010): The Great British Bake Off - Trakt
Great British Bake Off (2017): The Great British Bake Off - Trakt

I’m not sure if Plex is reporting both the TheTVDB and TMDB ids when scobbling, but within my Plex library both of these series appear as a single series. How can I get the newer episodes to automatically scrobble as TMBD treats them as a separate series?

Yes, it should send all the IDs needed for a match. I turned on debug for your Plex scrobbler. Please try and watch a few episodes that aren’t being matched and I’ll see what Plex is sending us.

Maybe your media library is using TVDB or Plex agent for those shows.
You can change that on their advanced options, and set The Movie Database:

You can also change that by series, just edit them:

Another thing you can try is the fix match option:

And find manually the right page for those shows. It is very useful for 2 shows with the same title:

Thanks for looking into it! I played an episode of Whose Line and Great British Bake Off from start to finish, so hopefully you received some good logs from it.

I do have the series correctly matched in Plex, and I’m using Plex TV Series agent. My settings have TheTVDB set as the episode ordering source, but that should be correct, as my automation process names files on disk based on TheTVDB.

@justin Any update from the debug data?

Here is the raw web hook that Plex sends us. Notice the Guid part in the bottom, that is the main thing we use to match. If not found, we fall back to a title based match along with the season and episode number.

  "event": "",
  "user": true,
  "owner": true,
  "Metadata": {
    "librarySectionType": "show",
    "ratingKey": "33396",
    "key": "/library/metadata/33396",
    "parentRatingKey": "33395",
    "grandparentRatingKey": "297",
    "guid": "plex://episode/62c55d9dec2d72ebcd5653e8",
    "parentGuid": "plex://season/62c55d89ec2d72ebcd5653e6",
    "grandparentGuid": "plex://show/5d9c083fba6eb9001fb9f500",
    "type": "episode",
    "title": "Jonathan Mangum 12",
    "grandparentKey": "/library/metadata/297",
    "parentKey": "/library/metadata/33395",
    "librarySectionTitle": "TV Shows",
    "librarySectionID": 2,
    "librarySectionKey": "/library/sections/2",
    "grandparentTitle": "Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US)",
    "parentTitle": "Season 19",
    "contentRating": "TV-14",
    "summary": "Guest: comedian Jonathan Mangum.",
    "index": 1,
    "parentIndex": 19,
    "viewCount": 1,
    "lastViewedAt": 1666574653,
    "thumb": "/library/metadata/33396/thumb/1666515880",
    "art": "/library/metadata/297/art/1666022715",
    "grandparentThumb": "/library/metadata/297/thumb/1666022715",
    "grandparentArt": "/library/metadata/297/art/1666022715",
    "grandparentTheme": "/library/metadata/297/theme/1666022715",
    "duration": 1500000,
    "originallyAvailableAt": "2022-10-14",
    "addedAt": 1665845351,
    "updatedAt": 1666515880,
    "Guid": [
        "id": "imdb://tt22797684"
        "id": "tvdb://9248134"

The episode on Trakt is 11x01 but we don’t have the IMDB or TVDB to match since those fields are blank on TMDB. So, the fix is adding that missing data to TMDB so we can match it. I can’t think of an automated way of doing this since it would require a mapping from TVDB <> TMDB, but adding missing IDs on TMDB is a better way of handling.

Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion. I went in to TMDB and added the TVDB ids to boths the seasons and the upcoming episodes. I’ll report back after the new episodes air this week.

I’m not sure if adding the TVDB id to TMDB for seasons are a factor in the matching, but that may be a good fallback if it isn’t already factored in. Definitely easier to match up season by season instead of doing episode by episode for those series that TMDB splits into two.

@justin No luck with setting the TVDB episode id on the TMDB entry. The episode did not show as actively watching nor did it scrobble after the fact. I had to manually mark the episode as watched.