Is there a simple fix to shows that are incorrectly labelled on tvdb? (Superstore is a B*TCH to scrobble on Plex

Hey guys. First of all, I’m unsure where to ask this, (tvdb/trakt/plex), but trakt seems to sound like the best choice. I’ve discovered Superstore as of late and I am LOVING it, however, episodes in Season 02 seem to be mistitled on the tvdb, and as such, the wrong episodes are being marked off as watched when I watch them on my media server (Plex). Is there a simple way to fix this? I don’t really want to have to go through the dozen or so episodes I’ve watched and try to realign them with trakt by reading through the descriptions.

If I’m leaving out any info, let me know

In Plex, you can specify the metadata agent specifically for that show. You should be able to choose TMDB, then refresh the metadata and then it should match up.

Thanks Justin, you’ve always been a help to me when needed. I did so and it fixed it up perfectly. Additionally, I’m going to report the show on trakt using the “report show” link on the left hand side of it as the metadata is invalid (due to thetvdb metadata being invalid). I know I can force a refresh of the show, but I don’t know if I can change the agent on tract to themoviedb. Thanks again.

I’m pretty sure Trakt matches with TMDB for Superstore doesn’t it?

Strange, that must be my mistake. According to the side panel, it does use TMDB, however, upon a quick look, you could be mistaken for thinking it doesn’t. Below is a link to two screenshots, one taken from Superstore on, and the other taken from Superstore on TMDB. Upon looking, you can observe that the photos don’t match up correctly.

Link: metadata and TMDB data - Album on Imgur

I queued this show for a full image refresh, which seems to have updated the images.

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