TMDB merge messed up anime watch progress

Hey. So I was looking at my watch progress and this anime suddenly popped up again.

Due to the TMDB merge, I see that they combined the s2-3 episodes to s1. I’d love it if there’s a way to transfer people’s plays to the right episode according to TMDB because the TVDB data is messed up anyway.

Different shows are grouped on the same show page as well, so for example it’d be nice if I can move my watch history from season 12 to the actual show’s page (Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho - Trakt). Hope there can be a fix! I kinda can’t stand the gaping hole on my progress bar hahah. Thank you.

This show shouldn’t have been merged yet, so for now I’ll be switching it back to used TVDB. We’ll have to manually shuffle it around when it is time to merge it.

Alright then, thank you so much!