Trakt Duplicates

I’ve been using a link Remove duplicate episodes for quite a number of years now, as well as, but it appears that these 2 links are now dead and I have absolutely no way of removing duplicates from trakt now. In the last few weeks I’ve had the following series repeat episode over 7 times on each.

1x03 Copper Canyon Railway
World’s Greatest Train Journeys From Above
Dec 17, 2023 9:22 PM

How can I resolve this permanently now?

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Can someone please help me out here. @justin


Those scripts probably use an old API URL that was removed in Feb 1. The larger issue is why there are some many duplicates being added in the first place. I will need to look up some examples and see which app is sending them all.

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I believe it is trakt for Kodi sending them, but it has never been this bad in the past with so many duplicates.



Yes, they appears to be from the Kodi add-on. Can you check to make sure you don’t have multiple versions of the add-on running at the same time?

I definitely don’t. I only have one installation of Kodi and the trakt addon.


Ok, we’ll need to see the Kodi log file to see what the plugin is sending and doing. This isn’t a common issue for the Kodi addon. I’ve only seen dupes if it’s running multiple times or maybe there is another sync error and retry mentioned in the log file.

I’ll have to wait to see if it happens again because I deleted all the duplicates manually.

You might want to check the Trakt settings within Kodi to ensure it’s not tracking each time you access a movie/episode. I know for Syncler, there’s an “Auto add to history…” for various types such as Playback, Download, Cast, that I click to off. Otherwise, it had the show with multiple view histories.