Trakt for books (or other media)?

Check out the App “MusicHarbor” You can input your entire library and it will constantly show you all new releases of the artists you “follow” Works great for me to keep track. You can automatically add stuff to a spotify or Apple Music playlist.

Hmm I checked StoryGraph and while it looks nice, it seems the data is just pulled form Amazon/Goodreads. This creates for me issue when when browsing an author they have story duplication because something is in audio, something in new weird print etc. What I would be looking at with tracking books, is like Trakt has for progress, where and Author has “Stories” and you can check off if you have read it, regardless Form, Language, Publisher etc. Now it is everywhere a mess :frowning: The issue is most likely in the underlaying data, that there is nothing like thetvdb for books

While not as pretty/modern-looking as Trakt, I can’t let a thread about tracking books go without mentioning LibraryThing ( I’ve been using it for years and although I dabble with others, it’s my go-to.


I think the only thing I like about Goodreads is that it integrates with Kindle to update what you are reading/when you finish a book (at least the first time you finish it), so I can see what I’ve read and when. But Audible isn’t linked up so I still have to update when I finish an audio book, which is annoying. Do any of the other sites out there link with kindle/amazon to automatically track book completion?

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Agreed, that’s one of the most useful Goodreads features and I’ve never come across another site that has it. I’m guessing it’s a closed feature that is only available to Goodreads because they are owned by Amazon.

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If Trakt were doing books too (novels, light novels, mangas, comics, etc…), I would be on this website 24/7 !


I think books would be an amazing next option!


In a perfect world, Trakt would eventually develop the capability to track all forms of media on the one site. Games, music, books. All would be great additions.

But for now, I’ll continue using Trakt alongside Backloggd, Goodreads, and Spotistats.


Games must be the next thing… please!

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Actually Infinite Backlog is already really good and steadily growing. Maybe you should take a look at it :wink:

For video games, the closest I use and “think of” as an alternative to Trakt is, which basically just keeps track of the game trophies you earn and when you earned them, as well as progress based on earned trophies (with the drawback that if a game has no trophies, it’s not there - and also that there are trophies I don’t really care for earning since I prefer to play for the story). This is only for PS platforms, but pretty sure there are similar sites for Xbox and such.

Out of curiosity though, when people here think about games being included similarly to TV shows, how do you imagine it happening? Would you only mark as “played” if you reach the end or beat the story? Because for instance, I’ll play Hitman every now and then, but definitely wouldn’t mark it each time I play just for fun. Curious what people’s ideas would be on this.

That site is nice and all but that would be like Trakt only showing you Netflix content so it really doesn’t compare…

There are already multiple sites out there that are doing a great job. The one that comes closest to Trakt rn would be which also shows you your psn, Xbox, steam, retro achievements etc and at this point has a small but dedicated, friendly and helpful good growing community. New integrations are added regularly and the community has a say in things. So really like Trakt.

On this site you have multiple options to mark your games (completed, beaten, ongoing, etc)

I wondered too, mainly because a iOS tracker client that I’ve been playing with syncs with Trakt for shows and movies, but also tracks videogames, books and audiobooks but with those it doesn’t sync anywhere and of course I thought its a bummer that it either didn’t sync that data elsewhere or that Trakt didn’t also track those media types into one giant thing.

There certainly are options. I’ve used LibraryThing for books and audiobooks for many years.

Same. I prefer it over Goodreads and things like Storygraph and BookWyrm. Though it lacks some features that some would want. Like progress tracking.

For games I use

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Has anyone heard of Sequel? It’s an iOS app that tracks books, video games, movies, tv shows, and audiobooks. They even have trakt sync if you’re on the paid plan. It’s really well done.


I would love to see this. Using Goodreads but the interface really isn’t great, and would love the stats Trakt offers for books too.

On my side, I suggest Trakt for flights :joy: I would be the first installing it.

Lets not.

People should fly less. Certainly against that. Unless it shows how big your ecological footprint has gotten and how hard your destroy our world. Fly once a year and all efforts of for example being vegetarian would be destroyed. (Not that I’m a vegetarian, certainly not. But in thirty years of my life I’ve only set foot in a plane once, or well twice, also wanted to go back home)

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Have you tried for this?