Trakt really is the best. No other site matches up

Just a word of encouragement while you’re working to get the site back up.

This is the only site that tracks your history by the minute and gives you the “Other Date” option. So in times like this, we can just note the time for episodes we watched, enter them when the site is back up, and carry on like it never happened. Other sites, we can only press the equivalent of watched right now.

And that’s just one thing. The data and tracking features are also unmatched.


You’re right, I have been manually writing down all the dates and times of what I watched for the last couple of days, so adding it once their database is working again should be trivial.

BUT it’s clear to me, based on what they’ve said on Twitter, that we are going to lose data from before the crash.

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Yeah that sucks. This is why you should make regular backups of your data.

And why Trakt really should have an import history function.

I usually do a lot of redundant backups with all my stuff, but unfortunately, Trakt is an exception for me. My last backup is close to 3 years old.

I think after they get their systems running again, their priorities should be:

  1. Improve their resilience to catastrophic events.

  2. Improve how users can back up their own data. The current system is simply not very streamlined and definitely not “attractive” or visible enough, I have no doubt only a very tiny percentage of users do backups. I will definitely do them way more frequently from now on (given that I don’t find an alternative to Trakt).