Trakt for books (or other media)?

@justin Have you ever considered doing sites similar to Trakt but for other forms of media?

The obvious one to me would be books, which is in desperate need of a modern cataloging, journaling and discovery site/app like Trakt. Goodreads is the best option at the moment but its clunky, buggy, slow and old. When using it I constantly find myself dreaming about a Trakt for books.

I would also hazard a guess that a lot of the schema and site structure you use for tv/movies would translate well to books/audiobooks.


I’ve recently started using Storygraph! It’s pretty neat, I love the way they offer challenges.

I hate the new book pages on Goodreads. They were designed for mobile but we are getting them on desktop. I hate them with a passion.


I hadn’t heard of Storygraph - I’ll definitely check it out, thanks!

Would you say it stacks up pretty well as a “Trakt for Books” or is it just that it is a better site than Goodreads?

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Nice to see someone likeminded.

Trakt’s data tracking is amazing and its utility really can and should be extended to everything.


I’ve also switched to StoryGraph from Goodreads and really like it! The stats are way better and I like that it doesn’t incorporate the social media aspect as much as Goodreads.


Thanks guys, was very unhappy with goodreads and first look at storygraph is really promising!
Would’ve never thought to find the answer to my book track peoblems in here haha


Glad you like it! My username is Syraluna on there!

I’d say it’s pretty much a Trakt for books! They have yearly stats pages too with fun diagrams and such.

They offer very neat tracking for audiobooks too. I’m a fan!

Also I can imagine that people like the fact that along with reviews, people can also add trigger warnings to the books content. So you can filter out/skip books you don’t wanna read around certain subjects.

5 Likes is another site for tracking books

I’d like one for music as well: in the same way that Trakt will let you know a show has a new series starting, it would be nice to be able to have a site that let you know when your favourite artists released a new album, especially if they only do so once a blue moon!

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For stats I use or But it doesn’t really show new releases. I use Twitter for that

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I actually hadn’t thought of one for music. - that would be neat. Also, one for video games would probably do very well.

If we all get our way Justin and team will be pretty busy for the next few years! :wink:


There are already a few stat sites out there for gaming like and but never heard of one for music. Sounds like a cool idea though

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For music - the obvious answer is It’s been around longer than goodreads, trakt, letterboxd, etc. and tracks your “scrobbles” (plays) of music from a variety of sources (spotify, plexamp, whatever), and there are third-party sites that let you enter in manual plays if you listen to a vinyl or whatever.

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do they have an upcoming releases calendar, especially from a custom list (ie My Books on a calendar view)? that’s the feature I’m most looking for in a goodreads replacement.

It is not as Good as trakt,but i a nice try

I have been wishing there was a website like Trakt for podcasts that kept track of the same info as Trakt does.


Not exactly but close. You can add books to your to read pile and then filter them by latest release date. And you can filter them by any/all selected moods, pace, type and genres. But also by page count, books you own/don’t own, books that aren’t part of a series or that you’ve added to challenges.

You can also make an up next queue of up to five books.

They do take suggestions. And suggestions from Plus (paid) members are given priority. They can ski comment on the public roadmap. Just recently they added dark mode! Regular users can sent in feature requests via contact us form.

If you’re looking for a games DB on your phone AreaX is undeniably the best app for that!

Area X Google PlayStore
Area X Apple AppStore

backloggd or infinite backlog for games.
rateyourmusic for music (rym is old but is awesome!!!)

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