Trakt search

It’s easy when searching for something to mistype a letter. If this happens with trakt website it does not find any results.

However in many other websites that have a large data base at the back end, they use some ‘feature’ which allows the search to present the nearest match it finds, even with some bad typos!

Can trakt have such a feature in future please?


search engine fault-tolerance

We’ve looked into this over the years and the problem is we aren’t experts in the search service we use and haven’t found a reliable way to improve the fault tolerance. I for want to improve the accuracy of searching and we’re looking into ways to upgrade our current service or find alternate ways we can configure things. I have no ETA if or when we’ll figure this out though, it’s a learning process :slight_smile:

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Hi Justin,
I replied to this under the iOS app section but it appears off the shelf libraries (hope thats the correct term, I am not a programmer) are available. One such is GitHub - krisk/fuse-swift: A lightweight fuzzy-search library, with zero dependencies . As for implementing it in the web search, look at , theres works really well. See attached.
Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 12.33.33

You can see how well it matched my typo. I think a feature like this would be awesome and many users would thank you kindly for it. Hmmm, VIP only feature?

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