Search function for history/collection (in profile page)


I want to show friends my trakt profile so they can see what I have been watching and what I have in my collection. The thing is that there is no search function for either. Say my friends want to know if I have collected or have seen a specific movie, then there’s no way they can search in my history/collection.

The only way they can actually find this information is when they sign up, connect as my friend and search for the movie in the general search bar. I feel like trakt profiles and trakt altogether would get more site visits from non-users if this feature were implemented.
In my eyes this would increase the chances of non-user visitors to become a member.

Good idea to add term searching to history and collection. However, term search is currently a VIP feature and part of the advanced filter feature so it wouldn’t really solve the issue.

Ah okay didn’t realise which features were for VIPs only. Sometimes I take my VIP membership for granted. The other day my friends said that they couldn’t see imdb and other ratings on a movie page. And I didn’t understand because the ratings are right there. Turns out it is a VIP feature.

I do agree that this search function for history and collection would be handy for even myself or any (VIP) member. Granular search > global search (in this case)

Search is now working on your history, collection, and ratings pages. Search was already there on progress, lists, and list pages. This should be very helpful, especially for quickly searching the collection for something you own and want to watch.

Nice! Thanks for implementing.