TV Collection has strange new additions

As of about 9:30am EST on 4/2/2023, I’ve started noticing a number of shows being added to my TV collection that I’ve never watched or collected. I tried removing some of them, and that doesn’t seem to work. The movies are unaffected.

Is anybody else having this happen? I noticed it from the new entries on my weekly calendar.

No issues here

It could be mismatched info being sent from a media center that syncs your collection. If they send the incorrect IDs or rely on a title based match, it could be matching the incorrect item on Trakt.

Thank you for getting in touch. I’ve spoken with Kristin in support, and she came to a similar conclusion. After disconnecting the previously connected apps, I was able to clear out 99% of the new additions to the collection. Unfortunately, I can’t say which one created the problem. But, hopefully, it was a fluke.