Watchlist dropping Shows

I’ve noticed if I add Shows to my watchlist, once I watch one episode, the show drops from the watchlist. Is this by design?

Yes. Because then it shows up in your up next. Watchlist is for stuff you plan to watch.

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Can others easily see the Up Next list? I guess for me, it’s in the name. Watchlist is what I am watching, to include what’s Up Next. Why not let me choose to manage it myself or let the system keep removing stuff?

That’s literally on the front page/dashboard. How can you miss that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or you mean people who visit your page? Do you want them to see? Then they can look at your history and filter by shows…

I honestly couldn’t care less xd. If you want so badly to showcase what you are watching, why not make a new list? (Although please dont. There’s enough shitty trash useless lists as it is :woman_shrugging:)

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I use my Watchlist as a list for others to see what I am currently watching. The way it works completely defeats the purpose, despite being called a Watchlist. I will make a new list to keep my shitty trash in.

Just create your other list and set it to public if you wanna show it to the people.

The watchlist is for items you want to watch. Your progress page is used for others to know what you’re watching recently.


If the watchlist is for things I want to watch, and I want to continue watching a show when the next season starts, then why is the show automatically removed from my watchlist?

Just because there are no unwatched episodes at the moment doesn’t mean I no longer plan on watching the show!

Thats what the progress page is for. It is super detailed with what you have left to watch.


If you want specific episodes like you are watching a old show and one of your channels have rerun add that episod to your watchlist

For example this is my watchlist im wating for the new Beck movie, and a episod on BBC is reruning tonight

Byt it doesnt tell that an old episod is reruning. It just tells whats left to watch.

Trakt doesn’t tell you about any reruns… only first time airing.

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