Include movies from watchlist on dashboard (as up next)

I would love to see whats next on my watchlist (movies) on my dashboard (website and app).
Similar result to whats next for shows (new and next ones)

Movies will show up on your upcoming schedule on the dashboard.

Thanks Justin.
Difference is that the upcoming schedule is a calendar that wouldn’t show already released items on my watch list. Only newly released items :frowning:
I want to see (and order/filter) my watchlist movies in my dashboard.
Thanks for considering this :slight_smile:


How exactly would that work? It works for TV because it just tells you to watch the next episode of a show you watched. I do think it might be nice to have an option to do that for franchise films maybe in a different section from up next TV. Like if you watch part one of a franchise part two of the franchise would show up for you to watch next.


Exactly. Just leave up next just TV :see_no_evil:

Do you mean something like get notifications about an upcoming movie on your watching list? Like what happens when a new season for a show I am watching comes out? If that is what you then I think that would be a great idea, so you can add not yet released movie to the watching list and we can have an option to show them in next up section on homepage.

I think what OP might be talking about is a quick view on the dashboard that includes access to our personalized watchlist in a preset order. I find having to click on “List” and then “Watchlist” tedious. I would love to see a section on the dashboard that displays my Watchlist so when I open it up I know what movie I would like to watch next. I have spent time making a list of movies I would like to see, and in which order, but I hate having to take so many clicks to remind myself where I am at.


I have always wanted some kind of way to have the watchlist more integrated with the dashboard, without it becoming messy. I have noticed that I do not watch movies as much as I used to as the watchlist is behind multiple pages, whereas tv shows are front and center.

I thought about this for some time and included below is my design for something that would in my opinion be very nice. @justin I hope you don’t mind I pulled some example images off the site that had your profile shown to create this.

The movies that are shown could default to what ever sorting method you wish, but i would default it to rank. Not sure if having the option in the settings like it is now for tv shows is best or have it based off of the default sorting method in the watchlist edit menu.

See more> would go directly to the watchlist.

Perhaps clicking on See more> would also load the list with unreleased already hidden. And just movies showing. Similar to how See more> goes to the progress page with completed pre-hidden.

The background colors I have switched for each section to better separate the two sections.

This would of course be hideable if you don’t want it.



I am trying to understand this thread but I’m confused (easy done).

Are the movies on Trakt not all released already? or at least the vast majority of them.
So how would an upcoming notification for a movie on your Watchlist help unless it can be done when it is scheduled on a TV Channel or been added to a streaming service.

That’s ok we have all been there, sorry for the late reply.

Most have been released, but there are many movies that have not been released in theaters that we have the release date for and can notify based off of. (Trakt already does this)

As @kuranikeyur mentioned the OP was asking about integrating the watchlist with the dashboard in some way. A solution was offered by recommending use of the upcoming schedule on the dashboard. Which is not what the OP was asking for.

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