Ability to have movies on "up next to watch"

for those of us that mark movies we want to watch in advance or as part of a series (where a show has separate movies to end it like Peaky Blinders or The Walking Dead). This is also useful for people like myself who order up next by oldest, meaning that the moives would be in order as i watch the shows.

I second this!
It would of course need to be optional, and really only works with certain Up Next sorting methods (Release Date, Title, Popularity, Total Runtime, Random), but within those constraints, that would be a wonderful feature to have!

Hi. I was just coming in to see if there was already a suggestion for this. It would be great to see if swappable or add them in. The Watchlist movies show up on the calendar but nowhere else really. Does anyone know if there has been any type os response?

Similar to the layout on @arcreactor 's post (Include movies from watchlist on dashboard (as up next) - #8 by arcreactor ), it would be brilliant if there could be an Up Next for Movies on the Watchlist to remove having to go through multiple clicks to see it. The post that housed this reply was marked with a solution; however, the solution just mentions the current way to view the Watchlist.

I personally actually have to disagree on this.

My watchlist is almost 4.000 items large. As I’m sure is the same for many other users. I certainly don’t want them to show up in the up next section. I mean, that is clearly what the watchlist section in combination with the calendar is for!

If you’re using the app you can now add the watchlist as a bottom tab to have it available with only one touch. Fairly quick and easy.

If you have a show with a movie accompanying it like for example deadwood just enable up next to include specials and it’ll show up in the up next section as well.

Up Next always was and always should only be for shows!
I can however get on board with movie collections needing an overhaul and more attention. But I’m very certain that this is not a priority right now if it’s even considered to be worked on…


I can understand what you mean, but I, no one is saying to have another separate full view of the watchlist on the main dashboard. Clicking progress (web) or “See All Up Next” (app) could direct to the Watchlist.

The point is that the same way the home page currently has 1-2 rows of 5 (web), or 3 in a list (app) of shows based on current view settings, I think having at least an option to toggle between up next 3-10 movies or 3-10 shows, again based to list view settings, on the dash wouldn’t be overwhelming. The idea is to quickly see without needing to go through multiple pages just to see what movie might be next on your list.

I agree it may not be a priority but having the option is suggestions are being considered would be nice.

See all up next can not forward to the watchlist since it’s fetching data from the „progress“ section.
This section however cannot include movies since it’s an episode based progression system. Also wouldn’t make much sense since movies are mostly watched in one sitting. So there is no progression as in shows happening.

Somehow I think you’re misled by something…
The up next section is specifically for shows that you started watching and are behind on at least one episode. It doesn’t show anything you haven’t started yet or is released in the future. That is what your calendar and watchlist are for! This is the system trakt is based on from the beginning so I doubt this will be changed…

We can maybe ask to talk about thinking about a similar system for movie collections - lets take Star Wars - if you watched Movies 1-4 then it’ll show The Empire strikes back in a Movies Up Next section. But that would mean a major overhaul of the movies collection data and integration and would also mean a lot of work on the trakt end.

But I still don’t see the point for something like that for all movies. You can go to your watchlist with one touch now:

You can also setup your watchlist to show the entries in a randomized order.

Sorry if this is not what you’re looking for :disappointed:
But I think you’ll have to live with it…

This isnt entirely true. By going into the settings and selecting to include my watchlist items in the in progress i now have a list of upcoming shows that i will be watching. As part of that i wanted to know if a film was also part of that, for example whereby the growing trend of a tv show having a final film. Could the movie now simple in that situation be included as a single episode show which displays much like a tv show unstarted from the watch list?

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When tmdb supports universes.

There’s also a trello for that. But that has been an idea since yeaaaars. Somehow I can’t access the trello anymore. It seems to be unable to use without being logged in. Which is strange because that was never the case.

This should be it’s link though;

I did not know that! Thank you for correcting me on that.