Widget not displaying on a phpbb forum

Hi folx! I’m trying to add my widget to my signature on a forum. The image never displays though, I only get the actual code/link to display. Anyone run into this issue? Any idea what I can try? I have gotten other images to display in my signature, but not this one from Trakt.


The code displayed on Trakt is not actually made for forums that use bbcode, but for websites or forums that support HTML.

I’m pretty sure the forum you’re speaking of will be using bbcode, so you’ll have to turn the HTML code to BBcode;

For example this is my html code for the first widget
<a target="_blank" href="https://trakt.tv/users/lifeiscrazy"><img width="500" height="40" alt="lifeiscrazy" src="https://widgets.trakt.tv/users/96ff4841ad548dc60a34039435f21da3/watched/thin@2x.jpg" /></a>

this would be the bbcode equivalent

Basically it’s just changing the <a> codes to [url] and the <img> ones to [img].

Perhaps Justin can make some kind of switch/setting to select whether you’d like HTML of BBcode?

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Yeah, I tried that first. I even stripped all the other info out and tried to just display the jpg all by itself. Even then it still was only displaying the code. :shrug:

It might be that the forum doesn’t support width=“500”.
Perhaps you need to add px (500px). Or it just doesn’t support anything besides good ol’ [img]

Easier might be, just change the img from thin@2x (retina) to thin@1x (regular, non retina). The image itself it already 500px in width. But retina is doubled.

Or perhaps the specific forum puts a limit on the amount of images in one signature.

Also: currently you put the Trakt link on the car image, I don’t know if that was your intention, or just testing around. :slight_smile:

It’s my forum. I have the width limit set to 500, but even then when it reads the Trakt image it says it is over 500, so I force it down with the “500” and stop getting the size error.

Hey! I didn’t know about the Retina thing… just changed it over and it works, even without forcing the size!


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