Why does the woman_facepalming emoji not show up on Trakt website?

And, does it here?


I tried to get the woman_facepalming emoji, but after submitted my reply/comment it looked like a person with the female sign next to it…

I don’t think this is a Mac problem because the emoji works just fine on Discord

// EDIT: and turns out, the emoji works on the forums too!

// EDIT2: this is an issue across all gender emoji’s I think, a few days ago I wanted to post a female shrug, but it turned into a person with a female sign… too, then I edited the female sign out. But hey, I want female emoji’s! I don’t give a beep about skin tones/color, I like the yellow colours. That’s what emoji’s should be. But I do prefer the female versions lmao.

It does it to me as well and I am running Firefox on Windows.

I can also only see the man facepalming with the “female” symbol next to it. I tried Firefox and Brave.

The thread it question: #cats_the_mewvie (2020) shout by Yúbal - Trakt.tv

The skin tone is working though, so at least one “minority” is covered. :laughing:

I guess it’s a library problem with the emojione package that the webpage uses to for emojis. They are on version 3.1.2 while I guess the female versions might be included in versions >4.

If the staff will update this module, they’ll see that this one is deprecated anyway and should be replaced by a newer module.

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