Kodi - Sometimes I have duplicate scrobbles


Been using Trakt for a long time with Kodi and a couple of years ago I went the Emby Server way and still use Kodi as my main player.

I scrobble with the addon to Kodi so this is a question coming from that perspective. When I log into my Trakt account and go back thru my history, there tend to be a couple of episodes of whatever that have been scrobbled twice, at the exact same time. I have no idea if this is the case or how it works but I long suspected that this only happens to episodes where we pause for xx minutes (young sleeping children that sometimes doesn’t want to sleep anymore…). We can watch say 5 episodes of something and usually one of them is scrobbled twice.

Does Trakt scrobble an episode based on the time it’s been “playing”? What I mean is, when an episode is showing as playing on the Trakt dashboard, does Trakt scrobble that episode automatically when the runtime is supposed to be over or does it wait for a scrobble from the addon?

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It pauses when you pause. And will resume, when you resume. I think there is a rule that 80% of a movie/episode are enough to end the scrobble. So a stop command after 80% might cause a view too.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought also. Will have to check Trakt more constantly so I can reference the logs from Kodi.

I use the addon “Next Up” that automatically play the next episodes in Kodi. I had trouble with this addon and Emby because it didn’t send a “STOP” message to Emby Server so there were no “STOP. Scrobble to Trakt” message in the logs, it just played the next one. That’s why I’m using the Kodi addon instead of the one for Emby.

But I’ll try to catch the logs and see if there’s anything unusual.

Seems that Emby might scrobble also but only the episodes that is marked “STOP” like I said in the previous reply. I had removed all Trakt credentials from my account in Emby but it seems like it’s still scrobbling somehow. At least that’s my suspicion.

Sorry that I tagged you in my now deleted reply.

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@sean @justin are you aware of these types of issues?

Hi Kate.

This was my error because both Emby Server and Kodi scrobbled the same episode.

The issue with Emby Server not scrobbling from Kodi when using the addon Next Up seems to have been resolved during some updates from Emby (I guess).