Post crash, Plex scrobbler does not seem to scrobble

Title says it all. I added two movies to my collection about 2 hours ago, and watched an episode last night. Neither made it to Trakt yet.

So is there a backlog and it struggles still to catch up or could it be something else ? (I re-imported manually already all the things i had collected and watched that were missing post crash, took me about 3 hours to get back up to date without waiting for the DB to give me an import option, but I’d really like to not have to add manually to collection/watched on trakt if at all possible)

Does Plex use the API? The API is not running at the moment.

I also use plex and it is OK for me. Did you try to remove the webhook and add it again?
Sometimes after an update mine bugs and when I do that it fixes it.

Removed, re-added, restarted Plex entirely… redid params on the scrobbler preferences en saved them. It worked (partially, it collected but did not gather metadata) for one item and broke again.

What’s weird if that on Trakt’s plex page I can see it sent events, those just didn’t get into the DB for me…

Same here. Scrobbling is not 100% effective, unfortunately