Ability to keep a list private, but share it with certain individuals: shared lists, co-creation

I want to make a private list, that I share with my sister.
Of stuff that we think would be great to watch together when we visit each other.

It would be amazing if we could both add stuff to the list, like I could make her a “co-creator”. Such a list is of no interest to the rest of the community*, and I’d like to use the comment section as a way of my sister and I communicating about certain entries on the list, or some sort of planning you know.

* and we all know how much I _hate_ useless lists.... I don't want to contribute to that uselessness.

It’s a good idea and I have thought about “collaborative” lists where the owner can grant access to other members to edit it. I don’t have an ETA on this, but it is cool and something I’d like to do.


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I’m starting to think about this feature more and wanted some feedback. My initial thought is the list popup can have a new field (populated with anyone you are following) to allow access to your list. If granted access, that user can fully manage the list (but not delete the list itself). Do you think those type of permissions (add, delete, change rank) are ok?


Thanks Justin, that sounds great! It’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I saw the reply in another thread too. Where I also shared a new idea regarding voting on entries. It’s not something I plan on using in the near future, but I think it might be something that other person it interested in.

List collaboration is now available! In the list add/edit popup, add anyone you’d like to collaborate with. They’ll get an invite and once they accept they have full access to add/edit/manage your list.